During October - November, 2011, a group of seven community volunteers worked together to take documentary images of Hadley's heritage. Photographers were given a series of 6 prompts over 10 weeks with the requirement that all photos were taken in Hadley. This website contains their resulting images. 


We invite you to contribute to the online exhibit by submitting your own photographs of Hadley. Requirements:

  • The photograph must be taken in Hadley (or of Hadley in case the photographer is physically outside of the town's boundaries).
  • Each photograph must correspond to one of the 6 thematic prompts:
    • Hadley's heritage is...
    • My Private View
    • An Outsider's Perspective
    • Endangered
    • Gone but not Forgotten
    • Hadley's Future
  • The submitter must be the copyright holder of the photograph.
  • The submitter must provide a valid email address for contact purposes (you will not be placed on any mailing lists and your email will never be shared).


There are no limits to how many photos you submit, and you may interpret the prompts however you wish.


Click here to submit your own photograph.